Alamo Area Construction News - March 15

March 15, 2024
Map of Alamo area construction week of March 15, 2024

Traffic Restrictions in the Alamo District: Vehicle traffic has been restricted in the Alamo District since November 1, 2023, particularly from Commerce St. to Crockett St., and along Crockett St. from Alamo Plz. to Losoya St. We appreciate your understanding of the necessity of these measures to facilitate construction progress.

Pedestrian Pathways and Safety Enhancements: A protective barrier has been established around the future Texas Cavalier Education Center, enclosing the southern section of the Alamo Gardens and the pathway between the Menger Hotel and the Alamo, ensuring continuous pedestrian access.

For Visitor Safety and Convenience:

  • A specified pedestrian lane has been established, running North to South on Alamo Plaza and East to West on Crockett St., defining the western limit of the Alamo District.
  • An additional pedestrian pathway near the Menger Hotel extends North to South, offering a direct route through the Alamo Arcade, seamlessly connecting Alamo Plaza to the River Center Mall area.

Mission Gate & Lunette (MGL): We are progressing with the construction of the Southern wall interpretation, known as the Mission Gate and Lunette, located at the southern end of Alamo Plaza. This area is slated to open to the public in the next few months. This update pertains solely to the MGL, with the Plaza de Valero (PdV) expected to open later this Summer. 

Losoya St. Lane Closure on Crockett St. Intersection: Starting March 26, there will be increased construction activity on Losoya Street at the intersection with Crockett Street. This will involve phased lane closures, affecting the Eastern and Western lanes alternately. While Losoya Street will remain open, one lane at a time will be closed for construction work. The lane closures will begin with the Eastern lane (closest to the Alamo) near Crockett St. During this time, at least one lane will remain open to traffic.

The construction is expected to last for about two weeks. It will center around the intersection of Losoya St. and Crockett St. There may also be temporary sidewalk closures in this area. We will continue to provide updates and more detailed information as the project progresses.

Lower Paseo Progress: The Lower Paseo project, connecting the Riverwalk and the Alamo, is moving forward. Since January 15, 2024, construction fencing has been erected to secure and define the construction area. Access to the Ripley's Believe It or Not! gift shop remains open to pedestrians.

Scrim of future Alamo Visitor Center and Museum

Visitor Center and Museum (VCM): The scaffolding and scrim (rendering of the future center) for the VCM on the sidewalk front have been erected, concealing the ongoing construction efforts. The new Visitor Center and Museum is on track to open in 2027. (See picture above)

Throughout these projects, we are dedicated to minimizing disruption to our local community and ensuring a safe environment for the public and Alamo staff. Regular updates will be provided to keep everyone informed on the progress.

Red banner with arrow to show direction of Alamo Plaza Shops and Restaurants


Extended Hours for Greater Access: The pathway through the Alamo Arcade is open daily from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., ensuring continuous access from near the Alamo Church to the Menger Hotel.

Wayfinding Signage: Wayfinding signs have been strategically placed to navigate around the Alamo District efficiently, with additional signage near the Rivercenter mall to facilitate indoor navigation.

Map of Alamo Plaza wayfinding


Wayfinding Map: Thanks to the collaboration with Visit San Antonio, we have developed an Alamo Plaza Wayfinding Map. This resource is designed to enhance your visit by providing clear and comprehensive navigation through the area. You can download a copy of the map here.

Alamo Cenotaph Update: The Structural Integrity Investigation of the historic Alamo Cenotaph began on November 13, 2023 and has successfully concluded, marking a significant step in preserving the monument in its place. The investigation's findings, which focused on the Cenotaph's structure and materials, will inform a comprehensive restoration plan to ensure its longevity. Following the investigation, Alamo Trust, Inc. obtained a permit from the Texas Historical Commission for protective measures, including installing a temporary cap and securing the removed marble stones. This advancement reflects a deep commitment to preserving the Alamo Cenotaph as a historic symbol for future generations. For detailed updates related to the investigation, please visit our Cenotaph Live Cam.

Arched stone entrance leading to Alamo Arcade
Alamo cenotaph with fencing around the perimeter

Supporting Local Businesses:
In partnership with the City of San Antonio, signs are being placed to promote local businesses in the affected area, ensuring visitors remain informed that these establishments are still operational and accessible.
Safety and Accessibility
The safety of our community, visitors, and team members remains our top priority. We sincerely thank you for respecting these safety measures and refraining from entering restricted zones. 
Your Valued Input
Your insights and suggestions have proven invaluable to us. We're dedicated to keeping you informed every step of the way, and we welcome your input in refining our communication process. If you know of any additional contacts who should receive our weekly updates, please don't hesitate to let us know. Your support in keeping our community well-informed is greatly appreciated.
Staying Connected
As we move forward with our construction endeavors, we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you might have. We're here to address any inquiries and provide you with the information you need. Your enthusiasm and patience inspire us, and we're excited to continue this journey together.
Thank you once again for being part of our community's progress. We look forward to the day when these enhancements will further enrich the Alamo and downtown San Antonio experience for generations to come.

Jonathan Huhn 
Communications Director
Alamo Trust, Inc.
(210) 293-6064

Emily Baucum
Public Relations Manager
Alamo Trust, Inc. 
(210) 669-0282