Military Events at the Alamo

In recognition of your service, the Alamo is honored to be part of San Antonio's long-standing military history and offers a variety of opportunities and discounts for members of the military. 

Staff Rides

Since its first use by the U.S. Forces in 1906, the Staff Ride has served to educate the U.S. Military forces of today by examining lessons from the battles of the past. The Alamo offers a Staff Ride program that is open to active duty and reserve personnel. Our experienced Tour Guides can tailor this 45 minute to 1 hour program to fit your objectives and are able to cover the dynamic aspects of the Battle of the Alamo, the leadership present, and tactics used during the siege and battle. After your tour, the group is more than welcome to find a location onsite to continue their training or to debrief. 

Please note, our timing is flexible but we strongly suggest submitting a request as early as possible (minimum of 2 weeks) as availability tends to fill up quickly.

To begin the process of scheduling your Staff Ride, please provide the following information to the Tour Program Coordinator at

  1. Name of company or platoon
  2. Name of commanding officer(s)
  3. Number of troops
  4. Date and time preferred
  5. Specific details of Staff Ride training goals

All tour programs are subject to change and reservations are based on resource availability.

Military Ceremonies

The Alamo is committed to connecting, supporting, and honoring our military. We welcome the opportunity to host re-enlistment, promotion, change of command, and retirement ceremonies at a discounted rate.

Please visit our private events page to view our available spaces and complete the form at the bottom the page if you are interested in having your military ceremony or event at the Alamo.

Discounted Tours

The Alamo offers a military discount on tours.