Privacy Policy

The Texas General Land Office (GLO) analyzes server logs for statistical purposes only and makes no attempt to personally identify website visitors. Statistics such as time, date, or pages requested are used for assessing the information of most interest to users and identifying system performance or problem areas.

The GLO website does not use "cookies" (small text files created by the web server that reside on the user's hard drive) to track specific information and does not collect information through other technological processes.

Information collected by electronic mail and by web forms may be subject to the Public Information Act; however, email addresses of members of the public who correspond with the GLO are confidential and may not be disclosed unless the sender agrees to such.

Security Policy

Name, address and physical location information that is entered on our web forms is stored for the sole purpose of delivering goods and/or services and for processing transactions. Information obtained thorugh our web site(s) is never sold or shared, unless disclosure is legally required under the Public Information Act or other law.

All information obtained is transmitted using firewall protected secure servers and SSL encryption via the https internet protocol. Data is stored only on servers that are administered solely by the Texas GLO (no third parties). No information is ever shared or sold. Credit card and bank information is captured only by NICUSA - the state authorized credit card processor, and never by Texas GLO. NICUSA is the chosen vendor for all state of Texas agencies, is fully secure, and is compliant with all credit card industry (PCI) rules and guidelines.