History Where It Happened

Rendering of birds eye view of Mission Gate and Lunette in Alamo Plaza

Presented by the esteemed Joan and Herb Kelleher Charitable Foundation, the Mission Gate and Lunette outdoor interpretation represents the main gate of the historic mission-fort. This new exhibit establishes the southern entrance to the fort through selective paving materials and interpretive graphics that mark the transition to a more reflective and contemplative zone, conveying a sense of reverence for the events that took place here.

Crafted by the renowned concrete artist Carlos Cortes of San Antonio, this extraordinary interpretation of the Mission Gate and Lunette will bring Alamo visitors a new level of understanding about the historic site. The exhibit, located along the original southern boundary of the complex, will showcase more of the Alamo's complete footprint, which extended far beyond the walls of the iconic Church and Long Barrack. Gain a newfound appreciation for the scale and significance of the site. Additionally, this exhibition highlights notable events on the Alamo's over 300-year history, inspiring a profound sense of respect for the pivotal moments that have left an indelible mark on the cherished grounds.

The gate is located between two other outdoor exhibits that opened in 2021, the 18 Pounder Losoya House exhibit and the Palisade exhibit. These outdoor exhibits help with one of the key goals of the Alamo Plan to allow visitors to better understand the original mission site and battlefield footprint.

Rendering of u-shaped lunette in Alamo Plaza
Wall of Mission Gate with Alamo Church to the right
View of Mission Gate with Tower of Americas in background
Side entrance to Mission Gate with Alamo Church in background
Models of Alamo plaza over time in Mission Gate
Cannons on either side of entry into Mission Gate