Close up of Alamo Palisade next to Alamo Church

The Alamo Palisade is a new outdoor exhibit that features an interpretation of the fence-like fortification used during the Battle of the Alamo. This exhibit helps visitors better understand the location of the 1836 battlefield and gives visitors a greater understanding of history where it happened.

Located approximately where the original palisade was in 1836, this exhibit brings history to life in Alamo Plaza through experiential learning in the spaces where history happened. It is believed that David Crockett fought at the Palisade. The exhibit also features a replica of a four-pounder bronze cannon.

The Palisade Exhibit features vertical cedar posts like what would have been used in 1836. A ramp made from hardwood decking planks with wood railings is included for accessibility.

Side view of bronze cannon on a wooden carriage on Alamo Palisade
Accessible ramp leading to cannon on Alamo Palisade
Back view of fence of Alamo Palisade
Bronze cannon on a wooden carriage on Alamo Palisade
Interpretive graphic of Palisade Cannon