Gateway to the Alamo

Rendering of Plaza de Valero community gathering space

Plaza de Valero is expected to be completed in 2024. The plaza is strategically situated where visitors approach the Alamo from the south, east, and west. By virtue of this, Plaza de Valero will serve as the gateway to the historic site while also paying homage to the mission's original name, San Antonio de Valero. 

The Plaza de Valero will be a unique and pedestrian-friendly square that complements the Alamo. While visitors stroll down the city's newly established promenade, led by a trail of statues honoring individuals from the Alamo's full history, patrons will find themselves immersed within a vibrant community space located in the heart of downtown San Antonio. The welcoming plaza will have a mix of uses that support each other as guests enjoy Texas's most visited tourist destination and part of the state's only UNESCO World Heritage site.   

The Plaza de Valero will not only serve as an informative entrance to the Alamo but will be a space for its 1.6 million annual visitors to reflect on the mission's 300-year cultural heritage. The plaza's comfortable urban park setting will also have a covered pavilion setting the stage for community events. Consequently, Plaza de Valero will serve critical dual roles in the Alamo plan: a multifunctional gathering space for the visitors to the site and mark one of the most important entry points to the historic Alamo. 

Map of Alamo District showing location of Plaza de Valero