Hear From Our Interns

"I cannot express how valuable my time as an intern at the Alamo was to my professional development. I didn’t just feel like a number I felt like I was genuinely contributing to the growing history of the Alamo. I worked closely with full time staff members who were more than willing to walk me through and teach me all about their day to day and never questioned all the questions I had. They were flexible with my schedule as I was finishing up college and always listened to any opinions I had. This internship is a real opportunity don’t take it light contribute all you can and you will be reward with such a wealth of expertise and growth!"

– Eric V., Education Spring 2018

"My experience as an operations intern was filled with unique and valuable opportunities. It was especially helpful in exposing me to different career paths within the museum and public history field. This internship allowed me to explore a variety of professions. I really enjoyed the diversity within each day and getting to know the staff. They were helpful in guiding me through all activities and made me feel like family. I would advise any prospective intern looking to pursue a career in history to apply! This hands-on opportunity is a great starting point for students wishing to excel in the field of history." 

— Shyanna M., Operations Summer 2019

"Interning with the Alamo was a fun, unique, and beneficial experience. Everyone at the Alamo was friendly and eager to share their knowledge and experiences with me, which was invaluable at that time in my college career. I spent the day doing challenging and truly interesting work while expanding my appreciation of Texas history.  The Alamo internship program opened doors for me and spurred my career in a positive way. To this day, hiring managers are excited to hear about my time with the Alamo, and I am so proud to have been an intern there." 

— Mallory M., Curation Summer 2017