Alamo Trust, Inc. Announces Structural Integrity Investigation of the Alamo Cenotaph

November 3, 2023


Jonathan Huhn, Alamo Trust, Inc.
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View of Alamo Plaza and Cenotaph from La Vista Terrace

Alamo Trust, Inc. is honored to announce a significant step in its ongoing commitment to preserve and protect the historic Alamo Cenotaph. A comprehensive but brief Structural Integrity Investigation is scheduled to commence on November 13, 2023. The objective of this initiative is to safeguard the enduring legacy of this monument, assess the need for any restoration, and ensure that it continues to serve as a beacon of reverence and reflection for generations to cherish.

Preserve in Place
The Alamo Cenotaph, a symbol of sacrifice and valor, has stood tall for over 80 years, serving as a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made at the Alamo. Alamo Trust, Inc. is resolute in its dedication to preserving this memorial where it stands, ensuring that its historical and cultural importance remains accessible to all who visit the site.

Understanding the Structural Integrity
The Structural Integrity Investigation, set to last a few weeks, will provide invaluable insights into the current condition of the Alamo Cenotaph. Our mission is to comprehensively document the state of the monument, both externally and internally. This investigation will encompass assessments that will include the exterior structure, masonry ties, interior concrete, brick integrity, drainage systems, and moisture levels.

Transparency and Public Engagement
In order to maintain our dedication to transparency and engagement with the community, we will create a secure fenced perimeter around the Alamo Cenotaph during the investigation, without utilizing wrap-around screens. This fence will provide safety to patrons while allowing interested individuals to witness the investigative process firsthand. Additionally, scaffolding will be installed to provide contractors with proper access to the structure for a comprehensive investigation. Furthermore, a 24-hour live camera feed of the Cenotaph will be accessible online for anyone with an internet connection, offering continuous access to the ongoing work.

Safeguarding History
It is important to note that during this investigation, no materials from the Alamo Cenotaph will be removed from the site. A total of 8 stones will be temporarily removed from the top of the Cenotaph to facilitate access to the interior. Every piece of this historic monument will remain on the grounds of the Alamo during the investigation.

A Trusted Hand
Leading this crucial investigation is Clark\Guido, a contractor with firsthand experience in the construction of the Alamo Cenotaph. They built the foundation and concrete substructure Alamo Cenotaph over 80 years ago.  Their deep understanding of the structure and its historical significance is an invaluable asset to this project.

Looking to the Future
The Structural Integrity Investigation is a crucial milestone in our mission to guarantee that the Alamo Cenotaph remains a timeless symbol of remembrance and reflection for future generations, standing steadfast in the very place it has occupied and will continue to occupy. It underlines our dedication to preserving the rich history and culture of our great state.

Updates on the Investigation
To stay up-to-date, kindly explore our website, where you can find comprehensive information about the ongoing Structural Integrity Investigation of the Alamo Cenotaph.

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Moreover, individuals from across the globe have the opportunity to observe the investigation as it unfolds through the Alamo's Cenotaph Live Camera

Frequently asked questions in relation to the investigation can be found here. If you have any direct inquiries regarding the investigation, please feel free to reach out to:

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