Professional Development Trips

The Alamo Education Team's Alamo Teacher Institute represents an innovative approach to enhancing educators' understanding of the history of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution. These professional development trips, including travel, lodging, admission to sites, and some meals, are provided entirely free of charge, thanks to the generosity of donors and sponsors to the Remember the Alamo Foundation (excluding incidental expenses and some meals). This initiative aligns with the Alamo's commitment to education and historical engagement, which will be further amplified by the opening of the Texas Cavaliers Education Center in Fall 2025.

The Alamo Teacher Institute is designed to offer educators hands-on, immersive experiences at significant historic sites related to the Texas Revolution. By walking the grounds where history unfolded and engaging with expert interpreters and educators, teachers can gain deeper insights and a more nuanced understanding of the events and figures that shaped Texas history. This direct engagement enhances the curriculum teachers bring back to their classrooms, enriching their students' learning experiences.

The introduction of the Texas Cavaliers Education Center, a state-of-the-art educational facility scheduled to open in Fall 2025, will further enhance the value of these trips. The center will offer a dynamic range of programs and learning opportunities, from exploring archaeological finds to understanding the physics of historical battles. The integration of the Education Center's resources with the professional development trips will create a comprehensive educational ecosystem, ensuring that educators always have access to the latest tools and knowledge to enrich their teaching.

By providing these professional development trips and experiences at no cost, the Alamo ensures that educational opportunities are accessible to all educators interested in deepening their professional knowledge and enhancing their instructional skills. This initiative not only supports educators but also enriches the educational trajectories of countless students who will benefit from a more vibrant and informed teaching approach.

For more information about the Alamo Teacher Institute, please contact Kate Carey, Vice President, Education and Interpretation for the Alamo Trust, Inc. at

A group standing in Alamo Plaza between the US and Texas flags in front of Alamo Church
A group of teachers in a lobby area listing to a guide speak
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Group of people in navy blue T-shirts standing outside on a paved area in front of a lake
A group of guests walking outside the ground of a mission
A group of teachers standing in front of Presido La Bahia