Artifact Spotlight — Wooden Post

Kristi Nichols, Director of Archaeology, Collections and Historical Research
March 3, 2020
wooden post
Approx. Date of Artifact: 18th — Early 20th Century

During excavations of a unit on the north side of the Church, archaeologists encountered this wood piece situated upright. Several levels had to be excavated to fully expose the artifact.

The top portion first exposed appeared broken, with tendrils coming off that resembled roots. Further excavations revealed that the archaeologists had encountered an in situ wood post.

Due to the moist nature of the soils, and the fact that organic materials such as wood decays at a much more rapid rate, encountering wood fragments that could potentially date to from the 1720s to the late 1800s is an interesting find.

This artifact is unique as the many post-holes that have been encountered during these investigations do not have evidence of the posts that once were placed in them. The post measures approximately 20.8 inches in length. The base of the post was encountered at 47.2 inches below datum.