Temporary Reduction in Fencing

September 20, 2019
Steel plates on the ground at Alamo Plaza across from the Church
An example of the steel plates that will replace the fencing to increase visitor access.

You may have noticed a slowing, or in some instances a halt, of active construction work in the fenced areas around Alamo Plaza. We remain on track with our current projected timeline, scheduled for completion by the end of the year. There were a few reasons for the slowing/halting of construction work, including:

  • Archaeological excavations moved more quickly than planned because there weren’t many features (or finds) discovered at the depths to which we were digging;
  • Due to an archaeological feature discovered, we had to modify the design for bollards location along Alamo Street; and
  • The manufacturing of the security bollards is slightly delayed. The bollards will arrive by October/November for installation.

In an effort to minimize the footprint of the fences during this time, temporary steel plates will be installed and some of the existing fencings will be temporarily removed. Fencing will remain in certain areas as need for safety or continuance of work.