Artifact Spotlight — Stone Tool

Kristi Nichols, Director of Archaeology, Collections and Historical Research
September 3, 2019
Chipped stone artifact
Approx. Date of Artifact: Possibly Protohistoric or Early Mission Period

This artifact was recovered from inside the south room of the Long Barrack at approximately 120–130 cm below the surface (just under 5 feet below the surface).

The artifact is a piece of chert, also known as flint, that has been chipped on one side. The artifact is referred to as a uniface because only one side of the tool show signs of chipping. The chipped stone artifact was likely used as a tool.

The uniface could have been manufacture before the arrival of the Spanish in San Antonio or could have been a continuation of stone tool manufacturing by the Native American inhabitants of the Mission. The chert/flint is local to the region.