Artifact of the Month: Spoons to Save the Alamo

August 30, 2017

Each month the Alamo’s Assistant Curator, Ernesto Rodriguez, helps us explore an artifact related to the Alamo.

For many years prior to 1905, the Alamo Long Barrack was used as a mercantile establishment. Its walls were covered in advertising and marketing signage, effectively hiding this important piece of Texas history.

When the building became available for purchase, Adina De Zavala persuaded the sellers to give the Daughters of the Republic of Texas the first option to buy.

De Zavala and members of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT) began working to raise funds for its purchase. One way they raised funds was through the sale of silver commemorative spoons.

Commemorative silver spoons
Commemorative silver spoons were used by the DRT to raise funds to purchase the Alamo Long Barrack

As the fundraising campaign continued, Adina De Zavala met Clara Driscoll. De Zavala thad managed to raise $10,000 of the $75,000 needed for the purchase, and Clara Driscoll wrote a check for the remaining $65,000.

Driscoll then deeded the property to the State of Texas, which reimbursed her for the purchase of the building. She later invested that money to secure more property for the Alamo Complex.