Alamo Plan Phase 2 Archaeology - August 4

August 4, 2023

Archaeological investigations for the Alamo Plan Phase 2 began this week. The archaeology component consists of proactive backhoe trenching and archaeological monitoring of all ground-disturbing construction activities. This week saw the completion of one backhoe trench on E Crockett St.

This backhoe trench (BHT 12) was located within E Crockett St, approximately 20 ft east of the Losoya Street intersection. In the top 4 ft of the trench, multiple utility trenches were observed, as evidenced by loose gravel. Observed artifacts in the top 4 ft of the trench include metal fragments and nails, colorless glass, white earthenware, debitage, two pieces of cut bone, and a harmonica reed. The trench depth terminated at approximately 8 ft below the surface. The entire north profile is consistent with a utility trench, and this location has a known existing line.

Archaeological trenching will continue next week throughout the plaza.

Excavation area with orange Home Depot bucket and yellow tape measure
Backhoe Trench at 8 ft below surface, facing east.
Excavation area with tape measure wrapped to bottom
Backhoe Trench at 8 ft below surface, facing southwest.
Rock fragment artifacts next to ruler to show size
Artifacts from backhoe trench.