Artifact of the Month — Noticias de Tejas

Ernesto Rodriguez, Associate Curator
June 4, 2019
Historic document titled Noticias De Tejas
From the Phil Collins Texana Collection

On May 14, 1836, the Treaty of Velasco was signed by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna; the defeated president of Mexico; and David G. Burnet, president of the newly formed Republic of Texas. Although the treaty was intended to end the War with Texas, hostile relations between the two nations continued throughout the life of the republic.

This broadside, published in Puebla on June 25, 1836, not only contains the Treaty of Velasco, but General Vicente Filisola’s report on the condition of the army under his command and his explanation why he didn’t attack on the Texan Army. The section following the treaty, contains another letter from Filisola in which he mentions the arrival of a delegation of Texan troops with the treaty.

The last portion of the broadside, contains the interim president’s letter stating that the treaty should not be honored since Santa Anna is a prisoner. General Filisola is ordered to turn over command to General Jose Urrea and to report to the capital to respond for his conduct.

This document helps to explain some of the events that occurred following the Battle of San Jacinto to the Mexican Army still in the field.