Mission Gate and Lunette Archaeology - February 27

February 27, 2023

Grading of the Project Area occurred throughout the week (Figures 1 and 2).

Dirt construction area with a worker in a white vest and construction hat walking through it
Figure 1. Grading in the southern portion of Project Area, facing north.
Dirt construction area with yellow water barriers and fencing to the left of Alamo Church
Figure 2. Grading in the northern portion of Project Area, facing northeast.

Due to the uneven elevation of the plaza, soil removal ranged between approximately 6-12 inches below surface. The 1976-era planter located at the northern-most extent of the Project Area was also partially removed (Figure 3).

Spoils from previously excavated areas are being re-used to level out the Project Area. This has resulted in the current level (and an approximate thickness of 4-10 inches) to be comprised of already excavated soils. The location of the helical piles was graded to approximately 10 inches below the street level and compacted via machine. Spoils were also re-used to raise the elevation of the area where the lunette exhibit will be installed. Water was introduced to the soils to aid in compaction. Colorless glass was observed during the construction activities (Figure 4).

View of construction area in front of Alamo Street businesses with construction trucks
Figure 3. Removal of north planter, facing southeast.
Small, white artifact next to a black and white ruler
Figure 4. Observed artifact in Project Area.
Construction truck and workers in dirt area to the left of Alamo Church
Figure 5. Removal of concrete in northern Project Area, facing northeast.

Non-excavation construction activities were the majority of the work for the week. The large live oak tree was relocated to its temporary location at the southern end of the Project Area. Concrete from the sidewalk was removed along the western edge of the Project Area (Figure 5). Spoils were hauled off.