Artifact of the Month — Memoirs of Mary Maverick

Ernesto Rodriguez, Associate Curator at the Alamo
January 7, 2019
Historical book of memoirs by Mary Maverick

Among the Alamo’s treasures is an early typewritten manuscript entitled the “Memoirs of Mary Maverick.”

While not fancy in appearance, the reader should not judge this book by its plain cover, since her 1881 memoirs holds a treasure trove of information on the history of San Antonio and south Texas during the Republic of Texas and beyond.

Mary Maverick wrote about daily life in San Antonio and witnessed important events in history of the town. One such episode was the 1840 Council House fight, which she witnessed from her home on main plaza.

Her vivid account of fight and its aftermath is riveting. She also wrote about the struggles of living on the Texas frontier including the loss of several of her children.

Donor: Barbara Crossette McGaughy

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