Long Barrack Archaeology Update - May 31

May 31, 2024

Due to the Memorial Day holiday and adverse weather conditions on Friday, archaeologists worked in the field three days. During that time, two excavation units—EU- 14 and EU-21—were active.

Archaeologists continued the mapping and documentation within EU-14.

Inside of an excavation unit with a ruler to show depth and layers of soil
Soil profile in EU-14, photo facing north.
Key found in an excavation unit next to a ruler for size
Key recovered from EU-21.

In EU-21 archaeologists reached depth of 50 cm below surface. The modern landscaping soil was removed in its entirety and archaeologists encountered a new sediment deposit. Almost immediately archaeologists noted an increase in artifact density within the new deposit. In addition to the rising quantity of artifacts, Feature 33, which was initially encountered in EU-10, was revealed. This feature is a limestone alignment likely dating to the US Army occupation of the site.

Artifacts recovered from an excavation unit on a wire surface with a ruler to show size
Artifacts recovered from EU-21.
Step layer inside an excavation unit
EU-21 at 50 cm below surface. Feature 33 in foreground, photo facing north.