Long Barrack Archaeology Update - May 24

May 24, 2024

This week two excavation units—EU-14 and EU-21—were active and one unit—EU 11—was idle.

In EU-14 archaeologists reached the required depth of 150 cm below surface. At the base of this unit, the dark clay encountered in previous units was present. Artifact density was generally very low, but a bead and early Spanish Colonial ceramic sherd were recovered. Once excavations were completed end of unit documentation began. The first step was scanning the unit. These scans create a 3-D image of the unit. Next week archaeologists will begin mapping  the unit.

Piece of ceramic with blue markings inside next to a ruler for size
San Elizario ceramic from EU-14.
Small cream colored bead next to a ruler for size
Bead from EU-14.
Archaeologist holding a scanner while taking a scan inside an excavation unit
Archaeologist scanning EU-14.

Archaeologists in EU-21 reached a depth of 30 cm below surface. Although archaeologists were excavating the modern landscaping deposit, several notable artifacts were recovered from this mixed context. At the end of the week, the bottom of the modern landscaping deposit was encountered.

Pieces of ceramic and artifacts on an orange background next to a ruler for size
Artifacts recovered from the modern deposit in EU-21.
Soil step level inside an excavation unit
EU-21 at approximately 30 cm below surface, photo facing north. Note the soil change in the southeast quadrant.