Long Barrack Archaeology Update - May 17

May 17, 2024

Four excavation units- 8, 11, 14, and 19-were active this week. EU-11, a new unit, opened on Wednesday. 

Archaeologists completed final documentation of EU-8 this week. 

New unit, EU-11, is located against the Long Barrack wall between previously excavated units 10 and 12. Archaeologists are still within the modern landscaping deposit at approximately 30 cm below surface level. So far this unit contains modern materials.

Yellow tape measure on side of soil profile in an excavation unit
EU-8 east soil profile. The bamboo skewers denote where soil samples were taken. Note the posthole located in the corner.
Square deposit inside an excavation unit with whiteboard and ruler
EU-11 at start of Level 3, photo facing west.
Whiteboard and ruler on dirt center in an excavation unit
EU-14 at the close of level 10 (approx. 90 cm below surface), photo facing west.

Archaeologists in EU-14 exposed and documented a compacted lime surface at approximately 90 cm below surface. Also at this depth, a Guerrero point was recovered. At the end of the week, EU- 14 was at an approximate depth of 110 cm below surface.

Excavations in EU-19 reached an approximate depth of 1 meter below surface. This is the maximum depth required for this unit. At approximately 80 cm below surface, archaeologists encountered a thick layer of charcoal stained sediment. This layer corresponds to charcoal layers identified in previous EUs. Preliminary interpretations identify this layer as related to the 1836 Battle. Artifacts from this unit include ceramic sherds, lithics, glass, and metal fragments.

Guerrero point on a turquoise cloth
Guerrero point recovered from EU-14. 
Three stairstep levels inside an excavation unit
EU-19, note the charcoal staining in the NE corner, photo facing north.