Long Barrack Archaeology Update - June 14

June 14, 2024

This week two excavation units—EU-21 and EU-28—were active. Archaeologists in EU-21 completed end of unit documentation after reaching the terminal depth. Archaeologists in EU-28 reached a depth of 60 cm below surface, which is the maximum required depth for this unit.

Archaeologist inside an excavation unit writing down specs holding a ruler
An archaeologist adds final details to EU-21 map, photo facing northwest.
Crossed white pipes inside an excavation unit
EU-28 at terminal depth.

In EU-28, a compact lime surface was identified and was likely impacted in some areas from the utility pipes. The compact surface extended about 56 cm below surface. The compact lime surface and silty clay soil at terminal depth contained a high density of similar artifacts. The artifacts include gunflints, buttons, ceramics, lithics, metal, and glass. Archaeologists will now begin final documentation (photos, scanning, and mapping) of the unit.

Buttons, some broken, found in an excavation unit laid on a dirt surface
Buttons from EU-28.
Range of ceramic fragments laid on a wire screen
Ceramics from EU-28.