Artifact of the Month — Crockett Correspondence

Alamo Associate Curator Ernesto Rodriguez
July 8, 2019
Crockett Correspondence
From the Phil Collins Texana Collection

For many people July is a month in which summer officially begins. The Fourth of July sets the stage for the month with its festive celebrations. It is a month in which families come together for vacations and weekends outdoors. July ushers in a time of anticipation of things to come.

This month’s artifact, is a document written by David Crockett in July 1835 while the Congressman on the campaign trail. In this letter to his publishers, Crockett is optimistic about his future, hoping to write another book following the campaign.

He believes that he will triumph over his opponent, Adam Huntsman, when voters go the poll. Crockett also takes the time to criticize Andrew Jackson, saying “I do believe that he will be the most unpopular man in one more year that ever had any pretentions to the place he now fills.”

While this document shows Crockett in high spirits, history tells us that the election did not go in his favor prompting him to seek new adventures in Texas.