Artifact Spotlight — Loop Shank Button

Kristi Nichols, Director of Archaeology, Collections and Historical Research
February 5, 2020
loop shank button
Approx. Date of Artifact: 19th-Early 20th Century

During excavations of a unit on the south side of the Long Barrack, this loop shank button was recovered. The button is classified as loop shank due to the loop that is present on the back side of the button. This button is made of a cuprous material, meaning that the metal contains copper.

Brass buttons were commonly used throughout the 19th century. It is difficult to see if there is a design on the front of the button. Some loop shank buttons would have had a decorative covering. The button was recovered in the level just below the concrete layer, which appears to exhibit some disturbance.

It is not possible at this time to assign a specific manufacture date or time period association to the artifact.