Stone, Mortar Extraction and Borescope Drilling Into Church Exterior Walls Beginning August 10

August 5, 2020

Starting the week of August 10th, stone and mortar extraction is scheduled to begin on the exterior walls of the Alamo Church. In the coming weeks, additional coring and drilling needed to assess the conditions of the masonry Church walls will begin as well.

Hole in Long Barrack Wall
A finished bore scope drilling in the walls of the Long Barrack

The Alamo’s Preservation team will use lifts to access the higher points of the Church walls, drilling holes into the walls. This will allow a borescope, equipped with a camera, to go inside the walls and provide insight as to the condition of the stones, and assess the voids within.

These processes will last several weeks, and will ultimately provide important information on how to preserve the Church for the future.