Artifact Spotlight — Survivors of the Mier Expedition

April 1, 2024
Three men sitting on a bench with three men standing behind them in a sepia tone

These are the last survivors of the Mier Expedition of 1842. The expedition began in retaliation of the Mexican Army’s invasion a few months earlier and ended with a Texan defeat at Mier. The men surrendered and were slated for execution but were spared by General Pedro de Ampudia. As the men were being marched to prison, many escaped forcing the Mexican army to pursue them. When they were captured, every tenth man was ordered to be executed resulting in seventeen men being executed. Many of those spared from execution were sent to Perote prison. Several Texans died in prison, any survivors were finally released in 1844.  

The men of the Mier Photograph are:
Bottom row, Left to right - Bate Berry, Bigfoot Wallace, and Whitfield Clark
Top row, Left to right - Caleb Sinclair, Claudius Buster, and Mr. Gore

Alamo Collection