Fencing for Construction of the Palisade Exhibit

November 3, 2021

Starting this Thursday, November 4, fencing in front of the Alamo Arcade and next to the Church will be installed to prepare for the construction of the Palisade exhibit. This new outdoor exhibit will feature a recreation of the Palisade that was used during the Battle of the Alamo, located approximately where it was in 1836.

A fence-like fortification used during the battle, this exhibit will also feature a cannon replica. The Palisade would have run from the Church to the southeast corner of the battlefield in what is now Alamo Plaza. It is believed that David Crockett may have defended this area of the fort during the battle.

The construction should not significantly impact visitor traffic and will take several weeks. The Palisade exhibit is expected to open to the public in the coming months.