Construction Underway in Alamo Plaza to Increase Safety

July 9, 2019
Fenced construction area on Alamo grounds with tourist in the background and a pedestrian only sign
One of the construction areas on the Alamo grounds.

You may have noticed some construction around the Alamo grounds. The reason for this: to make the site a safer and more secure experience for visitors.

Perimeter Security Improvements
A map showing the four areas currently fenced off for construction.

Throughout the rest of the year, 3-foot-tall security bollards will be installed in sections around Alamo Plaza.

Spaced four-feet apart for ease of accessibility, these bollards will add an extra layer of security to the grounds. In addition to that, they will also help delineate the original battlefield footprint so that visitors understand that where they stand in the plaza is where the Battle of the Alamo actually took place.

During the installation, the Alamo will operate its normal business hours, and both the Alamo grounds and Alamo Plaza will remain free and open to the public, as always.

Why start this process during the summer, the Alamo’s busiest time of the year? Due to the length of the project schedule, starting construction before or after the summer would still create an overlap in peak tourist season.

The bollards will be installed in several phases, with four areas fenced off during each phase so that the bollards can be constructed all at once. This is to ensure that the work is being completed according to schedule.

Alamo preservation is a long-term project, and the community is encouraged to follow this process and all preservation efforts at We also recommend that you follow the Official Alamo social media profile to stay up to date on construction and preservation work.

For any questions on this project, please contact the Texas General Land Office at 1–800–998–4456.