Alamo Area Work Map 5/9- 5/15

May 6, 2021
Map showing Alamo area construction for the week of May 9.

The section of Alamo Street between Crockett and Houston will be closed to vehicular traffic during weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, until 6/1. On 6/1,  this portion of Alamo Street will be closed permanently to vehicular traffic, and will remain open for pedestrians.

Crockett Street in front of the Menger Hotel remains closed to vehicular traffic but is now open for use as a temporary valet area for the Menger Hotel. This portion of the street remains open to pedestrian foot-traffic. Fencing in Alamo Plaza has been reduced. A portion of the south end of Alamo Plaza, including sections of Bonham, Crockett, and Alamo Streets are still closed for Alamo Plan Phase One construction.

Several excavation units have been opened inside the Church. The units in and around the Long Barracks have been completed, however the building remains closed as archaeologists use the area for screening and storage of soils until completion of all excavations.