Alamo Area Work Map 2/13 - 2/19

February 9, 2022

Above and below grade masonry repairs are underway now, and this work should not impact visitor traffic.

Fences in the back of the Alamo grounds, past the Gift Shop, have been installed to allow construction for the Exhibition Hall & Collections Building. Enabling activities have begun with demolition and construction scheduled to begin next week. Sensors will be installed to monitor ground vibrations, the same process that was used to successfully install security bollards throughout Alamo Plaza in 2019, to ensure no damage is done to nearby Alamo structures. Construction for the Exhibition Hall & Collections Building will finish in 2022, and the building will open to the public in late 2022.

Crockett Street in front of the Menger Hotel remains closed to vehicular traffic but is now open for use as a temporary valet area for the Menger Hotel. This portion of the street remains open to pedestrian foot-traffic. Fencing in the south end of Alamo Plaza has been removed with the exception of fencing around the bandstand area. A portion of the south end of Alamo Plaza, including sections of Bonham, Crockett, and Alamo Streets are still closed for Alamo Plan Phase One construction.