Headshot of Tracy Wolff

For more than two decades, Tracy Wolff has served as a community volunteer and fundraiser, primarily focusing on children and families issues.

As First Lady of San Antonio, when her husband was Mayor in the 1990’s, she established a three million dollar fund in the San Antonio Area Foundation for quality childcare called “SMART START”. She also raised corporate dollars for the downtown public Library as it was being built, and helped to establish the original Children’s Museum.

Since 2001, Tracy Wolff, has served as First Lady of Bexar County, along with her husband, Bexar County Judge Nelson W. Wolff. In 2002, Tracy created the Hidalgo Foundation of Bexar County, a 501(c)(3) to serve three major goals.

GOAL #1:  RESTORATION of the Courthouse - The Hidalgo Foundation was charged with raising six million dollars towards the restoration of the Historic Courtrooms.   

GOAL #2: CHILDREN Because of her commitment to children’s issues she added the creation of the Children Courts. They are now the model for the Nation.

GOAL #3: EDUCATION With her husband, Judge Wolff, they created the Bexar County BIBLIOTECH the first all-digital public library in The United States. Free to the residents of Bexar County, there are three physical locations, with over 400,000 e-books in circulation, 86,000 e-books in the BiblioTech collection, over 425,000 on-site visitors. A Ride & Read School Bus program was recently added. There are kiosks located at all the Military bases, University Health System Hospital, The Central Jury Room and Wi-Fi in the VIA bus system. Many educational programs are offered that support STEM/STREAM and other opportunities to prepare young people for college or the workforce.

Over the years, Tracy has received many awards but outstanding is the International Recognition of The DIF Monterey Service Award, for facilitating childcare training with a sister city and providing medical supplies.

A special honor from the Harvey E. Najim Foundation was the naming of a Respite Care Home for Children in her honor. Tracy is also a member of the Women’s Hall of Fame and received “The Mother of the Year Award” from AVANCE San Antonio.

Tracy is married to Bexar County Judge Nelson W. Wolff and together they have a family of six children and eight beautiful grandchildren.