Malone, William T.

Age: 18
Rank: Garrison Member
From: Uncertain

William T. Malone, Alamo defender, son of Thomas Hill and Elizabeth (Tucker) Malone, was born on August 13, 1817. Although his birth place has been reported as Athens, Georgia, it appears that he was probably born in either Virginia or in Limestone County, Alabama, in what would become Athens, Alabama. He lived with his family in Alabama, then left his home for New Orleans after getting drunk and incurring his father's wrath. His father followed him as far as New Orleans, but Malone had crossed over into Texas by late 1835. He wrote to his family once after arriving in Texas. According to family tradition, his mother carried the letter with her until it wore away. Malone took part in the siege of Bexar as a member of Capt. Thomas F. L. Parrott's artillery company. He later served in the Alamo garrison in Capt. William R. Carey's artillery company. He died in the battle of the Alamo on March 6, 1836. Malone has been described as having dark hair and complexion and missing the little finger of his left hand.