Carey, William R.

Age: 30
Rank: Captain
From: Virginia

William R. Carey, commander of the Alamo artillery, son of Moses Carey, was born in Virginia about 1806. He was a single man when he arrived at Washington-on-the-Brazos on July 28, 1835, from New Orleans. He joined the volunteer army of Texas at the outbreak of the Texas Revolution and was among the troops that marched to Gonzales during the fight for the Gonzales "Come and take it" cannon. He was appointed second lieutenant on October 28, 1835. During the siege of Bexar Carey received a slight wound to his scalp while manning a cannon. He was promoted to first lieutenant in the field for his actions in the battle. On December 14 he was elected captain of his fifty-six-man artillery company by popular vote of the men. He called his company the Invincibles. The company remained in Bexar as part of the garrison under Lt. Col. James C. Neill.