Garnett, William

Age: 24
Rank: Garrison Member
From: Virginia

William Garnett, Alamo defender and preacher, was born in Virginia in 1812.  He immigrated to Texas in the winter of 1835 as a single man and settled at Falls-on-the-Brazos (present-day Falls, County).  Garnett left the area in early 1836 and returned a short time later, explaining he had enlisted in the company of William B. Travis.  He made Massillon Farley his agent, gave him his papers, and assured him he would return in three months.  Garnett was never heard from again.  Farley later described Garnett as a man who “stood high in the community and was a man of steady habits and unblemished reputation.” 

A special act, titled “An Act for the Relief of the Heirs of William Garnett, deceased” was passed April 26, 1873 by the state legislature.  The act authorized issuing land to Garnett’s heirs “by reason of said Garnett’s having fallen with Travis, at the Alamo."