Stockton, Richard Lucius

Age: 19
Rank: Garrison Member
From: New Jersey

Richard Lucius Stockton, Alamo defender, was born in 1817, possibly in Newark, New Jersey, the son of Anna Williamson Stockton. His father died in 1823, and he moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, with his mother. He reached Nacogdoches, Texas, at about the same time as David Crockett and other Tennessee volunteers and enlisted in the Texas Volunteer Auxiliary Corps there in December of 1835. He was sent to San Antonio de Béxar with Crockett and was killed with the others in the battle of the Alamo on March 6, 1836. He was unmarried at the time of his death. His sister Emma Matilda Stockton Cox filed a bounty land certificate on the basis of his service in 1845. The land was ultimately patented on land in Bosque and Hamilton County. In 1849 Emma married Commodore Edwin Ward Moore of the Texas Navy.