Parker, Christopher Adams

Age: 22
Rank: Garrison Member
From: Uncertain

Christopher Adams Parker, Alamo defender, son of William and Hannah (Armstrong) Parker, was born in 1814. He traveled from Natchez, Mississippi, to Texas, where he was listed as a single man in Joseph Vehlein's colony on November 20, 1835. Parker was a descendent of the Sparrow family, English Quakers who had immigrated to Ireland during the Cromwell Protectorate. One of his ancestors fought in Emmett's Rebellion and was expelled from Ireland. His grandfather, James Armstrong, served under George Washington at Valley Forge. His father was a veteran of the battle of New Orleans. Christopher Parker signed the controversial Goliad Declaration of Independence of December 20, 1835. He may have been one of the men who accompanied Philip Dimmitt to the Alamo. He died in the battle of the Alamo on March 6, 1836.