Smith, Andrew H.

Age: 21
Rank: Garrison Member
From: Tennessee

Andrew H. Smith, Alamo defender, was born in 1815 and migrated to Texas from Tennessee. He is considered one of the men who died in the battle of the Alamo on March 6, 1836, but there is some evidence that this may not have been the case. On January 28, 1836, William B. Travis, while traveling to San Antonio de Béxar and the Alamo, wrote a letter to Governor Henry Smith, listing six men who had deserted from Capt. John H. Forsyth's cavalry company. Among these deserters is listed an Andrew Smith. It is not known if this Andrew Smith and the Andrew H. Smith listed among the Alamo casualties were two distinct people, or if Smith did desert and then either rejoined the company or showed up later at the Alamo.