Dickinson, Almaron

Age: 36
Rank: Captain
From: Pennsylvania

Almeron Dickinson, Alamo defender, was born about 1800 in Pennsylvania. On May 24, 1829, he married Susanna Wilkerson in Hardeman County, Tennessee. In 1831, the couple moved to Gonzales, Texas. As a colonist in Green DeWitt's colony, Dickinson purchased a league of land May 5, 1831. He later purchased four lots in Gonzales and operated a hat factory with future Alamo defender George Kimbell. The Dickinson’s only child, Angelina, was born in 1834.

Dickinson participated in the battle of Gonzales on October 2, 1835. In early December 1835, during the storming of Bexar, he distinguished himself as a lieutenant of artillery. Throughout the siege of the Alamo, he served as an artillery captain. On the morning of March 6, 1836, as the troops of General Santa Anna stormed the compound, Dickinson ran to his wife, reported all was lost, and expressed hope she could save herself and their child. Although he died defending the Alamo, his wife and child survived.