The Greehey Family Foundation Generously Donates $1 Million to The Alamo

May 1, 2023


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Rendering of Alamo Church with native plants in the green lawn in front

The Alamo is thrilled to announce that the Greehey Family Foundation has generously donated $1 million to the Remember the Alamo Foundation. This donation is a milestone for the foundation's mission to support the continued preservation and interpretation of the Alamo and its 300-year history.

In recognition of this significant contribution, the garden situated in front of the Alamo Church will be named the Greehey Family Garden. This garden will later be widened and enhanced as part of the Alamo Plan, a comprehensive initiative to preserve and share the site's complete history. The garden will feature native plants from Texas, such as Bluebonnets, to provide visitors with a more genuine representation of the region's agricultural landscape. This upgrade will enrich the visitor experience and offer a tranquil setting for contemplation of the numerous significant events that transpired at the Alamo.

“We are proud to support the Remember the Alamo Foundation and its mission, which is so important to keeping our city’s and state’s history alive for generations to come, and is so important to our city’s economy,” said Bill Greehey, President of the Greehey Family Foundation. 
“And, as the founding CEO of Valero Energy Corporation, it’s especially meaningful given the fact that the inspiration for Valero’s name came from the Alamo.
“When we spun off the former LoVaca Gathering Company from Coastal States Gathering Company, we decided to move the headquarters from Houston to San Antonio and we named the new company Valero in honor of Mission San Antonio de Valero, the original name of the Alamo. 
“So I’m proud to make this gift in the namesake of Valero, which I had the honor of growing and leading for more than 30 years.”

"We are immensely grateful to Mr. Bill Greehey and the Greehey Family Foundation for their extraordinary donation of $1 million to the Alamo", said Dr. Kate Rogers, Executive Director of the Alamo Trust, Inc. "Their generosity is instrumental in supporting our efforts to preserve and interpret the rich history of this cherished site. The Greehey family's unwavering commitment to our community and this important cause is truly inspiring."

The Remember the Alamo Foundation is committed to ensuring that future generations will remember the Alamo's rich and diverse history. The organization aims to provide support exclusively for the Alamo and its preservation, educational outreach, and public programs. The Foundation's efforts include preserving the historic structures and artifacts, providing educational programs for visitors of all ages, and supporting ongoing archaeological research.

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About Remember the Alamo Foundation | The mission of Remember the Alamo Foundation is to provide support exclusively for the Alamo and its preservation, educational outreach, and public programs. We welcome your gift to support these programs and ensure that future generations will Remember the Alamo.