SWBC Foundation Donates $1 Million to Remember the Alamo Foundation

March 14, 2024


Jonathan Huhn, Alamo Trust, Inc.
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Rendering of bar set up for evening event
Rendering of the Charlie Amato and Gary Dudley Vista Club

The Remember the Alamo Foundation is thrilled to announce a generous $1 million donation from the SWBC Foundation, marking a significant contribution towards the realization of the Alamo Plan. This substantial gift will help fund the creation of the future rooftop dining area and event space above the all-new Alamo Visitor Center and Museum. 

Designed to offer an exclusive sanctuary, the Charlie Amato and Gary Dudley Vista Club will be a designated area within the rooftop addition of the Alamo's Visitor Center and Museum. It is scheduled to open in 2027 and is poised to enrich the visitor's journey by combining breathtaking views of the historic site and the San Antonio skyline with an outdoor rooftop terrace, adding a layer of modern sophistication to exploring the past. This elevated space will not only encourage reflection and appreciation of the Alamo's rich history but also offer a variety of snacks and beverages, all designed with the unique flavors of Texas, for both members and visitors during designated hours. The Charlie Amato and Gary Dudley Vista Club will be featured prominently during private events, providing an unparalleled setting that blends the historic with the modern.

"Supporting the Alamo in this unique way gives us great pride," said Charlie Amato, SWBC Chairman and Remember the Alamo Foundation Board Member. "To know that our contribution will help create the Charlie Amato and Gary Dudley Vista Club—a place where history is both honored and experienced in a new light—is incredibly rewarding. We look forward to seeing this project come to life, enhancing the Alamo's legacy for future generations."

SWBC President Gary Dudley added, "This initiative represents more than just a donation; it's a testament to our deep respect for the Alamo and its place in our history. The Charlie Amato and Gary Dudley Vista Club is poised to offer a distinct experience, blending the historic with the modern in a setting that invites reflection and appreciation. We are thrilled to be part of this venture, contributing to the preservation and celebration of such an iconic landmark."

"We are immensely thankful to the SWBC Foundation for their outstanding generosity," remarked Dr. Kate Rogers, Executive Director of the Alamo Trust, Inc. "Charlie Amato, Gary Dudley, and their team at the SWBC Foundation have shown a profound dedication to preserving the legacy of the Alamo. Their support enhances our mission, enabling us to offer an experience that connects the past with the present in a unique way."

This contribution from the SWBC Foundation highlights a pivotal moment in the efforts of the Remember the Alamo Foundation to advance and safeguard the Alamo. It illustrates the critical role of community and corporate partnerships in maintaining and celebrating Texas's rich heritage.

Rendering of bar with a mirrored mural that shows Alamo Church
Rendering of venue space with long tables set up for an event

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