The Alamo to Debut "Phil Collins Collection Preview: Texian Edition" Exhibit on August 18

August 11, 2021


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The Alamo will open a limited time exhibit previewing artifacts from the Phil Collins Collection starting August 18.

From August 18 through October 3, Alamo visitors will be able to see a selection of the priceless artifacts graciously gifted to the State of Texas by musician, Phil Collins. The "Phil Collins Collection Preview: Texian Edition" will be available for viewing in the Alamo Exhibit Hall.

"This preview exhibit will be a great way to share a selection of the amazing artifacts Mr. Collins generously donated," said Kate Rogers, Executive Director of the Alamo Trust, Inc. "We only have enough space to display 1% of the historic artifacts we have, which includes more than 400 items from the Phil Collins collection, and over 2,000 from the Alamo's collection."

The exhibit will serve as a preview for what will be on display in the upcoming Alamo Exhibition Hall & Collections Building, which will open in 2022. The Exhibition Hall & Collections Building will be 24,000 square feet, and will house state-of-the-art storage for the long-term care of historic artifacts. It will also feature 10,000 square feet of new exhibit space -- a fivefold increase over what the Alamo has today.

"These artifacts offer a glimpse into 1830s life in Texas," said Kristi Miller Nichols, Director of Archaeology, Collections, and Historical Research at the Alamo. "As we research the provenance and background of the items in our care, we often find ourselves in awe of these artifacts and the stories they tell about the time period."

Earlier this year, the Alamo held a preview exhibit of the Phil Collins Collection, which focused on artifacts from the Mexican side of the 1836 Battle of the Alamo. This limited time exhibit will feature artifacts from the Texian side of the Texas Revolution.

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