Witness the Arrival of the Mexican Army at La Gran Marcha Del Ejercito Mexicano at The Alamo on February 23

February 22, 2022


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Witness a stunning recreation of the arrival of the Mexican Army and the start of the annual Battle of The Alamo Commemoration at The Alamo on February 23 with La Gran Marcha Del Ejercito Mexicano.

This program features dozens of living historians marching through Alamo Plaza, recreating how the Mexican Army arrived on February 23, 1836. While it would take many days for the full Mexican Army to arrive, February 23 is the day that the Alamo Defenders realized that they are outnumbered and ill-prepared. The event will include a recreation of this arrival.

Living historians dressed as Mexican soldiers marching in a group
Living historian dressed as a Mexican soldier
Mexican troops arrive in San Antonio

Images from past performances of La Gran Marcha Del Ejercito Mexicano.

After the event there will be living history demonstrations centered around the Mexican Army, and 1830s life in Mexico all day long.

La Gran Marcha Del Ejercito Mexicano is just one of many special events visitors can enjoy during Battle of The Alamo Commemoration from February 23 through March 6. It is the absolute best time of the year to visit The Alamo, during the anniversary of the 1836 siege. This event will be live streamed on the News 4 San Antonio and Fox San Antonio websites and app.

Commemoration is possible because of the generous support of the following sponsors: Grunt Style, Garrison Brothers, Bolner's Fiesta Products, Dykema, and the Edouard Foundation. For a full list of events, visit theAlamo.org.

What:   "La Gran Marcha Del Ejercito Mexicano," a special event that recreates the arrival of the Mexican Army on the first day of the siege of The Alamo. Free for visitors.

Who:    Public and media

When:  Wednesday,  February 23; 10:00 a.m.

Where: The Alamo
              300 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205

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