The Battle of the Alamo Exhibit Made From LEGO® Bricks Opens at The Alamo on September 3rd

September 1, 2021


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Starting Friday, September 3rd, visitors at the Alamo will be able to see a jaw-dropping model of the 1836 Alamo fort made with over 50,000 LEGO bricks! This limited-time exhibit is free to the public and will be open through the rest of 2021. The Alamo has partnered with LEGOLAND Discovery Center San Antonio who will be providing Master Model Builder instructional support, creative workshop classes, and special Alamo-themed builds throughout the Fall.

"Adam's model of the 1836 Alamo is truly stunning in how detailed it is," Kate Rogers said, Executive Director of the Alamo Trust, Inc. "We are always looking for new ways to help our visitors, especially young children, make a better connection to the Alamo's history. This will help visitors of all ages better understand not just the scale and look of the 1836 fortress, but the tremendous number of men, women, and children who were present during the battle."

Built by brickmaster Adam Bell, this 63 square-foot model is a meticulous recreation of the 1836 footprint of the site. To be as accurate as possible, Bell used research and artwork from artists Mark Lemon and Gary Zaboly. With the help of a toy builder to create custom weapons and minifigures that accurately represent the time period, this model took three years to research, design, and build.

"I've always been fascinated by the story of the Alamo Defenders and their sacrifice, and my wife has always had a great interest in Texas history, which we've tried to foster the same interest in our two children," Adam Bell said. "When we last visited with our boys back in 2017, we knew then that we had to build a model of the Alamo as a family. We're honored to be able to share our work with the countless visitors who come to the Alamo and to help not just our children, but people from all around the world learn about Texas history with this exhibit."

When Bell first visited the Alamo as a child he became fascinated not only with the bravery of the Defenders in 1836, but with a miniature diorama of the battle that was on display at the time. After a visit to the Alamo with his wife and children in 2017, the Bell family decided to try to build a historically accurate model of the battle together. Adam's youngest son likes adding playful details like "easter eggs" in every family build, so visitors should keep an eye out for a child minifigure holding a snake in this impressive model made from LEGO bricks.

Bell's Alamo model is so big, it is the same size as the seven largest LEGO sets ever produced combined. It contains 315 minifigures, 50,000 individual LEGO bricks, and breaks apart into 90 different sections. This Alamo model won the award for "Best Historical" set at the 2021 Brick Rodeo in Sugarland earlier this year.

The Battle of the Alamo model can be viewed in the Crockett Building across from Alamo Church for free during normal operating hours Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through 2021.

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