Alamo Plan Granted Historic $400 Million

June 23, 2023


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Rendering of front facade of Alamo Visitor Center and Museum
Rendering of the Alamo Visitor Center and Museum

SAN ANTONIO, TX -- The Alamo is thrilled to announce that Governor Greg Abbott recently signed into law the more than $400 million appropriations request contained within the Texas State Budget for the Alamo Plan. This significant funding will play a crucial role in supporting the comprehensive restoration and revitalization efforts of the Alamo.

The Alamo holds Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, General Land Commissioner Dr. Dawn Buckingham, and the members of the Texas House and Senate in the highest regard, acknowledging their invaluable support in passing this momentous funding. Their visionary leadership and relentless efforts have paved the way forward for the Alamo Plan, ensuring the preservation and revitalization of this iconic historic site.

Alamo Trust, Inc. and Remember the Alamo Foundation Board Members expressed their profound gratitude, stating, "We owe an immeasurable debt to the tireless support and steadfast dedication of Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, General Land Office Commissioner Dr. Dawn Buckingham, and the esteemed members of the Texas State Legislature. Their exceptional commitment has played an indispensable role in transforming the Alamo Plan into a reality by securing a monumental $400 million appropriations request for this historic site. This transformative funding will serve as a catalyst for the Shrine of Texas Liberty, preserving its history and fostering a meaningful connection with the countless visitors who journey to this revered site from every corner of the world."

The more than $400 million appropriations will play a pivotal role in implementing the Alamo Plan as designed and approved by the Texas Historical Commission and the San Antonio City Council. The Alamo Plan's three pillars include the preservation of the 300-year-old Church and Long Barrack, recapturing the original mission site and battlefield footprint, and creating a world-class Visitor Center and Museum. These efforts aim to restore reverence to this historic site, enhance visitor experiences, and provide a comprehensive understanding of the Alamo's rich heritage.

The funding allocated for the Visitor Center and Museum, scheduled to open in 2027, will ensure that visitors from around the world have access to a state-of-the-art facility that tells the complete story of the Alamo. This immersive experience will serve as a gateway to understanding the significance of the Alamo and its place in Texas history.

The completion of the Alamo Plan will not only safeguard the physical structures of the historic Alamo Church and Long Barrack but also honor the sacrifices made by the individuals who lived, fought, and died at the Alamo. Thanks to Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, GLO Commissioner Dr. Dawn Buckingham, and the Texas State Legislature, the historic site will stand as a testament to Texas' profound history and create a lasting connection with the Alamo for generations to come.

Rendering of Alamo Church with native plants in the green lawn in front
Rendering of the Greehey Family Garden
Rendering of Mission Gate and Lunette to the side of Alamo Church
Rendering of Mission Gate and Lunette
Rendering of education center with students outside next to a garden
Rendering of Texas Cavaliers Education Center
Rendering of visitors walking along promenade with table seating and trees on either side
Rendering of Alamo Promenade
Birds eye view of Alamo Plaza closed to vehicular traffic and lined with green trees
Rendering of the Alamo District

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