Sidewalk Outside Long Barrack Closed, Wooden Structure Installed at North Wall

August 26, 2019
Limestone sidewalk outside of Long Barrack
The sidewalk next to the Long Barrack that has closed

The sidewalk directly in front of the Long Barrack, which runs from beside the Alamo Church through Alamo Plaza down to Houston Street, has been closed.

Visitors can freely move through Alamo Plaza and interact with the stunning bronze Alamo models on this sidewalk. This sidewalk closure will help protect the Long Barrack, which is the oldest building in Texas. A new archaeological investigation has been opened on this sidewalk, so visitors can experience the thrill of a live dig site as our archaeologists unearth history during normal business hours.

Blue pop up tent outside of Long Barrack lined with orange sandbags
A glimpse of the dig site visitors can see outside the Long Barrack
White tented structure outside of Long Barrack
The structure alongside the North Wall of the Long Barrack

Outside of business hours, this dig site will be covered by a weatherproof plastic and wood structure to protect it from the elements.

Additionally, a weatherproof wooden-structure has been placed outside the north wall of the Long Barrack, near Houston Street. Due to its proximity to the street, the structure will remain in place during all hours for the security of the dig site within.