Long Barrack Archaeology Update - October 13

October 13, 2023

Excavations began at the Long Barrack on Tuesday, October 12. Excavation Units (EU) 1 through 3 are located along the north stone perimeter wall. Archaeologists began work in EU-1 and EU-3, leaving EU-2 idle to provide plenty of space in the two active units. EUs measure 1.5 meters by 2.0 meters. Excavation methodology includes soil removal using hand tools. Archaeologists excavated approximately two 10-cm levels in each unit. The soil was dark, loamy clay, not unanticipated as this area was previously used as a landscaping bed. There were some utility pipes encountered, as well as some modern artifacts, like a 1980 penny. Other artifacts included nails, brick fragments, mortar fragments, glass shards, and ceramics.

Next week archaeologists will continue working in EUs 1 and 3, in addition to setting up EU-5.

Dirt in square excavation unit next to a stone wall
Excavation Unit 1 after two levels, facing north.
Overview of EUs 1-3, with EU-1 being the most eastern, facing east.
Two orange buckets next to a stone wall by a square excavation unit
Excavation Unit 3, level 2 in progress, facing north.
Nails, brick fragments, mortar fragments, glass shard, and ceramic artifacts from an excavation next to a ruler
Representative sample of artifacts found in top levels of EU-1 and EU-3.