Artifact Spotlight — Ferrous Chain Link

Kristi Nichols, Director of Archaeology, Collections and Historical Research
October 29, 2019
 Artifact that appears to be two links of joined chain
Approx. Date of Artifact: 18th-20th Centuries

Excavations within the Long Barrack produced what appears to be two links of chain that are joined. Upon inspection, it appears that the links are fused together from rusting. The chain is made of iron, which rusts when left in the elements.

These are fairly large links, with one round and one oblong. It is unknown if the oblong was round to begin with or was crushed. Not much can be deciphered from the object. It is possible that these could be related to horse tack or could also just be part of a larger length of chain.

The item was recovered in a layer that had artifacts that dated from the Colonial period to the time of the U.S. Army occupation.