Artifact Spotlight - Painting of General Edward Burleson

March 1, 2024
Portrait of General Edward Burleson

This is a painting of General Edward Burleson who was in command of the volunteer army of Texas during the Grass Fight and the Battle of Bexar in December of 1835. After the volunteer army was disbanded, he was elected a colonel of infantry.   

He fought at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836 and accepted the surrender of Mexican Colonel Juan Almonte. He would have many posts in the Republic of Texas and laid out the town of Waterloo, which would later become Austin, Texas. He served in the Mexican American War and died on December 26, 1851, of pneumonia. The site of his burial would later become the Texas State Cemetery. 

Oil on canvas mounted on Masonite panel
Artist: Robert Jenkins Onderdonk
Alamo Collection