Artifact Spotlight — Letter from David Crockett to G. W. McLean

January 2, 2024
Front side of letter written in script from David Crockett
Back side of letter written in script from David Crockett

David Crockett was a man of many talents, among them scout, frontiersman, marksman, congressman and orator. During his lifetime, Crockett’s fame had made him the subject of many works, including an unauthorized biography which he did not agree with.

This letter written by David Crockett to G.W. McLean illustrates his disapprovalabout a biography written about his life and his disagreement with Andrew Jackson’s political policies. Crockett writes about Andrew Jackson and compares his authority to that of a king, which is an insult used by Crockett to illustrate that Jackson is abusing his authority as president. This letter is a great example of Crockett’s views not only on protecting his image but also his disagreements with Jacksonian politics.

This artifact is part of the Phil Collins Texana Collection at the Alamo.