Artifact Spotlight — Discharge for F.H.K. Day

February 1, 2024

From the Volunteer Army of Texas

Handwritten script letter on cream paper


Bejar Feb 14th 1836} We certify that F.H.K. Day has served in the Volunteer Army of Texas from the 18th of October 1835 up to this date.  He was in the Siege of Bejar and is hereby honourably Discharged and 20 days are allowed him to return home. 

R. White Capt. Of the
Bejar Guards
J.C. Neill Lt. Col.
Comd. Bexar

The Army of Texas was made up of both volunteers and regular soldiers. This document is the discharge for F. H. K. Day who served in the Battle of Bexar as a volunteer and was allowed twenty days to return home and was signed by Lt. Col. J. C. Neill. While this document is a discharge, F. H. K. Day would return to fight and die at the Battle of the Alamo. 

Phil Collins Texana Collection at the Alamo