Preserving History: Joan and Herb Kelleher Charitable Foundation's $3 Million Gift to The Alamo

May 25, 2023


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Rendering of Mission Gate and Lunette to the side of Alamo Church
Mission Gate and Lunette Exhibit Rendering - Scheduled for Completion in 2024

The Alamo is excited to announce that the Remember the Alamo Foundation has received a generous donation of $3 million from the Joan and Herb Kelleher Charitable Foundation.  This remarkable contribution will be directed towards the new Mission Gate and Lunette exhibit, set to captivate visitors with its immersive experience that will create an interpretation of the southern entrance to the historic mission and fort. 

Presented by the esteemed Joan and Herb Kelleher Charitable Foundation, the Alamo's Mission Gate and Lunette exhibit promises an awe-inspiring journey into the depths of the site's revered past. Starting today, Alamo visitors will be thrilled to receive an exclusive preview of the captivating exhibit, setting the stage for an unforgettable kick-off to the Memorial Day weekend. This sneak peek is available for a limited time and will offer a glimpse into the completed Mission Gate and Lunette exhibit, which is scheduled to open in 2024.

Crafted by the renowned concrete artist Carlos Cortes of San Antonio, this extraordinary interpretation of the Mission Gate and Lunette will bring Alamo visitors a new level of understanding about the historic site. The exhibit, located along the original southern boundary of the complex, will showcase more of the Alamo's complete footprint, which extended far beyond the walls of the iconic Church and Long Barrack. When it is completed next year, guests will gain a newfound appreciation for the scale and significance of the site. Additionally, this exhibition will amplify notable events on the Alamo's over 300-year history, inspiring a profound sense of respect for the pivotal moments that have left an indelible mark on the cherished grounds.

"As natives of San Antonio, the Kelleher family has always appreciated the importance of the Alamo to the story of Texas independence", said the Joan and Herb Kelleher Charitable Foundation.  "The Kelleher Foundation is honored to support the Remember the Alamo Foundation in its mission to enhance the public’s experience and understanding of this treasured historic site."

Dr. Kate Rogers, Executive Director of the Alamo Trust, Inc., expressed her gratitude to the Joan and Herb Kelleher Charitable Foundation for their incredible donation, stating, "We are deeply grateful to the Joan and Herb Kelleher Charitable Foundation for their support of the Alamo and our ongoing efforts to preserve this important piece of Texas history. Their generosity will allow us to continue to educate and inspire visitors from around the world, ensuring that the legacy of the Alamo lives on for generations to come."

Wall of Mission Gate with Alamo Church to the right
View of Mission Gate with Tower of Americas in background
Side entrance to Mission Gate with Alamo Church in background
Models of Alamo plaza over time in Mission Gate
Cannons on either side of entry into Mission Gate

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